Cynosure New Media, Inc., is a San Diego-based, full-service communications company specializing in training development, instructional design, digital content production, and custom software applications.

Successful multimedia products are realized by bringing together a wide range of skills and specialized expertise. Our expertise in instructional systems design and corporate communications spans several industries including wireless telecommunications, biotech, healthcare, software development, organizational behavior and employee improvement.

Cynosure has a proven ability to grasp the concepts in these and other areas and to communicate those ideas through high-end multimedia products to a broad spectrum of audiences.

Our clients consistently agree, the Cynosure difference is that we always do what we say we will do - deliver superior end-products on time, on budget and with exceptional customer care.

cy•no•sure n.
1. When capitalized, another name for the North Star 2. An object that serves as a focal point of attention or admiration 3. To provide guidance or direction

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