When you already wear too many hats and orientation isn't one of them, tell the team, "I know a guy."

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A pioneer in the delivery of online  orientation and on-boarding programs that target new students and other specific student service populations, Cynosure continues to be a leader.

Orientation and onboarding programs ARE training programs and should be developed like training. Meaning the same considerations and develop procedures apply to orientations just as they do to online instruction programs.

Cynosure applies it's instructional design expertise to your orientation programs using the same ISD standards set forth in the ADDIE Model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) ensuring effective communication of requirements, successful completion of objectives, and improved retention.

Stylized image depicting the seven steps to college enrollment.

Project Profile: Las Positas College

There's no better example of Cynosure's commitment to student success than our direct experience in the design and development of dozens of new student orientation programs for institutions of higher education.

And not just new student orientations. Cynosure's portfolio of online student success programs include:

  • Learning Skills Develop - a series of five student success modules (Active Listening, Notetaking, Goal Setting, Reading to Answer Questions, and Getting the Most Our of Lectures)
  • Probation Workshop
  • First Semester Course Advising
  • Student Population Specific Programs (Financial Aid Basics, Veterans Benefits, Accessibility Services, and more)

The following link connects you to a new student orientation produced for Las Positas College (LPC). Being a Hispanic Serving Institution, this program was produced in English and Spanish.

Screen capture from the Las Positas College new student orientation program depicts the student enrollment process.
Human Interface Content Management (HICM)

HICM = Content management to the power of YOU!

Cynosure can populate your orientation into our propriety, highly functional, well-designed, HTML5-based online delivery platform. This platform is highly customizable to client requirements, interfaces easily with your existing student information system, and tracks/monitors student progress and performance.

As good as that sounds, admittedly what our platform lacks is an online client content management system. Instead, Cynosure has long employed our Human Interface Content Management (HICM) approach.

HICM describes Cynosure's commitment to keeping your orientation content relevant and up-to-date. When your content needs a change, just email us the change request, we'll incorporate the change, and send updated files to your campus IT contact for deployment on the server. If your program is hosted on a Cynosure server (yeah, we do that too), the updates are made directly.

Because it's a human interface, an actual person with intimate knowledge of your program reviews your request to determine if the change affects any other program content, videos or other rich media, checks on learning, quizzes, and exams. The findings, if any, are documented and returned to you to address the concerns/recommendations and take well-informed action.

Content management to the power of you.

Content Development -vs- Content Management

Content management System (CMS) providers market these systems based on the very real, indisputable, advantages of convenience and ease-of-use. And for the privilege, you are charged an annual subscription fee.

Below are a few truth's CMS providers don't include in the list of program features, advantages, and benefits.

Here's the bottom line. Spending money for a content management system instead of content development is like building an airport without runways.

That said, if you have firmly decided to use a CMS, you still can avoid spending lots of money. Consider using your campus' eLearning system (like Canvas or Blackboard) to program/publish your programs. While they suffer many of the same drawbacks listed below, there are plenty of experts on campus when you need help, these systems are already interfaced with the student information system, and because they can be included in the class schedule, can simplify student enrollment into the program.

Whether it's ours, yours, or someone else's, Cynosure can still help with orientation programming. Regardless of your pick, we can do the programming for you.

Here's some "food-for-thought" when deciding if you should invest in a content management system.


That "easy-to-use" interface IS NOT always that easy. 

Usually CMS providers include system training or one or two people to get things started. Well, you know if you are one of those people, you will forever be assigned to orientation oversight and maintenance.

Now, your CMS provider would be happy to train a replacement, for a fee - generally. And, if there is a fee, it's just as likely there won't be a replacement coming any time soon.

With Cynosure, you'll never have to train a replacement, or anyone for that matter. The required continuity of system knowledge and program content rests with us.


Fails the Cost/Benefit Analysis

If your program is like many of our client campuses, the effort put into content design and development results in NOT having to make a lot of changes over time.

Ask yourself, "How many times a year am I going to use this CMS after the orientation is populated?"

If your realistic answer is one or two, or even 5 to 10 times a year, ask yourself, "Is this really worth the cost?"

Human Interface Content Management (HICM) is a complimentary service we provide our clients - tell us what needs to be changed, we'll change it and send your IT contact the replacement files and deployment instructions.

Oh yeah, did I mention, ("It's FREE!")


New program restrictions

What if you want to use your CMS for some other programs, like a veteran's benefits or financial aid basics orientation?

It's likely your CMS subscription only provides you a small number of modules or program packages. If you want more, you'll have to pay more.

Cynosure does not provide a CMS. Our content delivery platform is included with each program produced. Want to create a new program, no worries. There's never a fee to expand your programs using Cynosure's content delivery platform.

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