Haystack - Software Emulation, Sales Demo/Tutorial
IHS, Inc
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IHS harnesses the power of information to help drive their growth and value of its customers. One such information resource is HAYSTACK, a comprehensive online source of parts data, logistics and supplier information that has served government and industry buyers, vendors, designers, company librarians, and engineers for over 20 years.

A recent upgrade to the Haystack program added more than 50 new features and enhancements. In order to demonstrate the new power of Haystack, IHS commissioned Cynosure to produce a web-based software emulation/tutorial.

The project successfully meets the objectives of:

  • Demonstrate product features, advantages, and benefits
  • Emulate proper operation of the product
  • Serve to pre-qualify sales leads and serve as a sales/marketing tool

The product is developed entirely in Macromedia Flash and combines on-screen text, voice-over narration, and product screen captures into a complete animated software emulation.

The total runtime of this product is approximately 20 minutes and addresses all basic and advanced operational features. To accommodate users with slower web connections, the content is segmented into small - easier to digest - segments.

The HAYSTACK demo can be viewed online at the IHS website, click the Watch the Haystack demo banner prominently displayed on the page.


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