What's a Cynosure?

Cynosure is another name for the North Star. Ours is the terrestrial equivalent of that celestial body that has long served to provide a way of direction-finding to those who journey.

If your project journey could benefit from a guide, ours is a well-worn path from concept to creation. 

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Making Media-based Communication More Effective for 20+ Years

Established in 1999, Cynosure New Media is a San Diego-based full-service communications company specializing in media-based training development, digital content production, and custom software applications.

Our expertise in instructional systems design and corporate communications spans several industries including wireless telecommunications, biotech, healthcare, software development, organizational management, leadership development, employee improvement, and , community college matriculation and student success.

Our clients consistently agree, the Cynosure difference is that we always do what we say we will do - deliver superior end-products on time, on budget and with exceptional customer care.

Powered by a dynamic team of individuals with diverse skills and talents, Cynosure builds successful partnerships with its customers through careful planning, monitoring, and two-way communication. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond to our customers quickly through proactive rather than reactive project management.

Bottom line – we strive to create long-term collaborative business relationships to ensure a win-win environment for our customers, our strategic partners, and our team of creative professionals.


The eStudentSuccess website is a collection of FREE online tutorials designed to help students achieve their academic goals.

Cynosure created and maintains this website with programs leveraged from two decades of work in student success, learning skill development, career exploration, and more. 

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