When the need for video is great, but your experience or the budget isn't, just tell the boss, "I know a guy."

Our Work

Cynosure continues to provide video production services to the Academy for Professional Excellence at the SDSU School of Social Work and the California Department of Social Services in accordance with program training requirements.

Video is a logical choice for this audience. No other training method is as effective where behavior modeling or procedural demonstration serves to benefit instruction.

If produced properly, one video can have a very long shelf-life and serve many content delivery formats. 


Video for Instruction

Training and instruction are two among many forms of communication. Common to all these communication forms, in order to be successful the communication must be "effective."

Effective communication requires that, in addition to merely receiving the information, the receiver also "understand" the message being communicated.

Video is the perfect medium for effective communication by engaging 3 of a learner's five senses. Sight and hearing are the obvious two - and by themselves these are powerful enough. The third sense engaged, and likely the most effective of the three, is feeling, or more to the point - emotion.

Screen capture of the instructional video for IHSS providers.

Thanks to "emotionally-charged learning (ECL)," the improvement in learner engagement and retention of video-based content over lecture or other forms of instruction is well documented.

ECL explains why you can leave a 2-hour movie and still remember enough of it the next day to tell your co-worker all about it. You remember the plot, character names, descriptions, locations, and even some lines of dialog.

ECL, or rather the lack of it, demonstrates why the opposite is often true after leaving your last instructor-led or online course.

Screen capture of Adult Protective Services video.

About a la cart production services

Maybe you've got some in-house production resources and just need a little help with a script.

Or, you're told your new video project is going to use real actors and you need some casting guidance.

Perhaps you're looking for a production partner who can make complete video productions services and resources available to you.

A la cart video productions services aims to get you what you need, when you need it and in degrees of service from as little to as much as you need.

It's not always about budget.

Ever hear the expression, "a little bit of something's better than a whole lot of nothing?"

Let's not abandon all hopes of getting that video project done because there's just not enough budget. Instead, let's look at what can be done with the budget you have.

It might make more sense to have a single camera shoot versus two cameras. If talent can provide their own makeup (and often they will) then you won't need a makeup artist. If you can get a rough draft of your script together, someone to perform "script-polish" versus scriptwriting is likely more budget friendly.

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